David Kim is a Designer + Social Creative Specialist based in Los Angeles, California. Most recently, he worked with the amazing people at Uninterrupted, developing creative for clients including Nike, Kith, Spotify and HBO. Some of his interests include sports, fashion and cultural representation.

2               A personal adaptation of "Just Do It"

3              The tunnel is the new runway

4              Message in motion

5              Let's call it how it is

6              4-29-1992

7              Keep yo distance

8              Get to know me, first


Nike x "More Than An Athlete" Design, Product Development and  Strategy for an exclusive apparel collaboration between Nike and Uninterrupted. Creative Direction: Gaby Goldberg, Lead Design: Cody Moore, Photography: Alexa Lopez, Client: Nike.

Uninterrupted is an athlete-empowerment brand founded by LeBron James that claims any player of sport can become "More than an athlete."  Meanwhile, Nike claims that "If you have a body, you are an athlete." A collaboration was only inevitable.  


Nike wanted to create a product that would inspire athletes at all levels to go beyond the sport they play. To defy expectations on and off the court. To challenge stereotypes existing in their schools, workplaces, and communities.

To pursue this reality, we created the Nike x "More Than An Athlete"  apparel collection, featuring a set of hoodies, shorts, hats, socks, and a fully-customizable silhouette of the Air Force 1  sneaker that encouraged buyers to write directly on the shoe itself.

I was tasked with developing early-stage mockups for the co-branded collection, assisting with visual strategy, and designing digital and printed material for the collection's release campaign.

Merging Uninterrupted's raw, humanistic ethos with Nike's universal iconography, each piece was embedded with the words, "I Am More Than An Athlete" in bold, handwritten script alongside the swoosh.

All aspects of the release campaign incorporated a youthful, homemade "DIY" aesthetic with vibrant hue, collage texture and handwriting; aiming to give athletes the creative license to define themselves through this collection.


Live From: Just Do It HQ Set Design and Art Direction for a co-branded, pop-up podcast studio hosted at Nike's "Just Do It" Headquarters in Hollywood, CA. Creative Direction: Gaby Goldberg, Client: Nike

Nike wanted to increase awareness and celebrate the 30th anniversary of those famous three words - "Just Do It."  To achieve this, we designed and constructed a pop-up podcast studio in LA, inviting elite Nike athletes to come share stories about what "Just Do It" means to them on a personal level.

I was tasked with designing digital and printed materials to be displayed throughout the pop-up studio, where each episode of the podcast was recorded live. Final deliverables included posters, stickers, digital web banners and social media posts.


Drip or Drown Concept, Design and Art Direction for a social media series highlighting the burgeoning merger of sport and fashion. Client: Uninterrupted.

Nowadays, swagger and sport go hand in hand. The athlete is the new stylist, the tunnel is the new runway, and every playoff game is Paris Fashion Week.

This vérité social series documented a day in the life of pro athletes, following their ventures through iconic shopping spots in LA including Amiri, Kith, Supreme and John Elliott. 

The purpose of this project was to create content that highlights the creative, artistic nature of athletes, rather than the physical or statistical attributes that usually define them. 

To achieve this, I incorporated a personal, handmade aesthetic, using elements like instant film and scotch tape, emulating the look and feel of a designer's unfinished scrapbook. 


Uninterrupted x GIPHY Branding and Digital Design for a collection of custom GIFs to be used across Uninterrupted's website and social accounts. 3D Animation: Mike Voropaev, Client: Uninterrupted

LeBron James' "More than an athlete" movement began in 2018, calling all athletes to challenge the status quo. Today, this movement extends to people of all professions and walks of life. Today, we can all be "more."


I was tasked with creating a GIF collection for people on social to communicate and interact with the brand's message of empowerment, drawing inspiration from various aspects of culture including music, fashion, design and entertainment. 


Intl. Women's Day '19 Concept, Art Direction and Messaging for a social media campaign that challenges the way we label women in sports. Client: Uninterrupted

We never refer to Jordan as a great "male" basketball player, or 2pac as a"male" rapper, or  Jimi Hendrix as a "male" guitarist. We simply refer to their greatness, without any regard for gender.

But, for some reason, women in sports are inexplicably tied to labels like "female athlete" that make sure you know what gender they are. This nuance creates a notion that women are separate from, or inferior to, the main definition of "athlete."

This social campaign was created to challenge this notion, pushing for a simple message:

Let's just call female athletes, athletes.


I Set a Fire in the City of Angels Graphic/Print Design for a personal project recounting stories from the 1992 Los Angeles riots through images, rap lyrics, and poetry. 


I created this editorial to bring awareness to the Los Angeles riots, which took place in the spring of 1992  as a response to police brutality. 

Drawing  solely from the voices of rappers and poets who spoke up during these times, I aimed to create an honest account of this heartbreaking moment in our nation's history. 


It's Yo Birthday Design for a fun, personal project. During the Covid era, I didn't have the option of giving my friends handwritten birthday cards. So, I decided to make personalized CD covers for my homies with birthdays in May and June.



I'm David (김영광)

I'm a Korean-American, born and raised in LA.

I  graduated from USC with a Bachelor's in Communication & Advertising/Design.

Sum random fax:

- I play the keyboard for my church on Sundays.

- My Korean name, "영광",  translates to "glory."

- LeBron, Jordan, Kobe. In that order.

- I'm currently listening to: Nipsey Hussle

Hit me:

- E-mail: davidkim91208@gmail.com

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